October 30, 2007

October 30 | Joseph W. Burrus

1958 - October 30, 1990: Age 32

Joseph Burrus was a magician who wished to perform an illusion in which he was buried alive in a plastic box of his own construction. The box was to be lowered into a hole and then covered in dirt and concrete. During the performance, however, the cement crushed the box. When the crew realized this they pulled him out, but he had died.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Nightly Quill


paintalie said...

killed by your own construct.

sounds about right.

Markus J. Baldauf said...

This makes me sad... :-(( Poor Amazing Joe

Zita said...

Well said.

dale vokurka said...

this man was great he tryed to do someone no had done before

r.i.p. joe