November 12, 2007

November 12 | Cameron Duncan

April 20, 1986 - November 12, 2003: Age 17

Cameron Duncan was a filmmaker from New Zealand, but he only made a few short films and clips because he died so early: age 17. He had osteosarcoma, the same cancer that Terry Fox had. He died on November 12, 2003 in Texas while receiving treatment.

As a youngster (was he ever anything but?) Duncan won awards for his short films and ads. Toward the end of his life he attracted the attention of Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, and they became friends. Composer Fran Walsh wrote the end title song of Return of the King, "Into the West", for Duncan, and it was publicly performed for the first time at his funeral.

Click here to see Strike Zone, a really neat 10-minute film that includes a haka, softball, a re-enactment of Duncan getting the news from his doc that there was no hope, and his funeral. Another short, DFK6498, describes the experience of his illness. Have Kleenex on hand.

Sources: Wikipedia, New Zealand Herald. His official website,, is not working today but maybe it will be up again later.

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