December 9, 2007

December 9 | Andrea Absolonová

December 26, 1976 - December 9, 2004: Age 27

As an Olympic high diver on the Czech team in Atlanta in 1996, Andrea Absolonová injured her spine while diving from the 10 metre platform. She never quite recovered her full abilities (although she did compete in Sydney in 2000) and soon turned to modelling.

When she was in her early 20s, a photographer persuaded Absolonová to pose nude while shooting for a billboard ad. This quickly led to a flourishing career posing for adult entertainment magazines and performing in adult films. Her screen name was Lea de Mae, and her healthy good looks ensured international success. Her image was on the cover and in the centerfold of Hustler magazine in October 2004.

In July 2004 she began to experience headaches and problems with her left eye. Medical scans revealed a brain tumour, which was removed through surgery in August, followed by radiation and chemotherapy.

The treatment was bad enough, but the pains in her back and head continued as well. By November the pains were so extreme that only high doses of painkillers provided any relief. Her left eye would roll up and her left limbs were sluggish and trembled. Further scans revealed additional tumours. Two more surgeries relieved the pain somewhat but were otherwise ineffective. She had glioblastoma, a very aggressive form of cancer, and the treatments never got ahead of it fast enough. By early December Absolonová running a high fever and hallucinating. Then, after a couple of days of mild improvement, she died on December 9.

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MichaelNeilan said...

This beautiful and brave young high diver sports lady went into the porn films as a career choice I think perhaps because she was a little too short stature for a more respectable modelling career. Having done so she went at it very strongly and I suppose because she enjoyed the sex. Don't we all ? I have come to the conclusion having met her friend Chris Dannefel at Prague in 2007 that Andrea was a really lovely person. To me she is no slut dirty film girl rather she is a girl like a man who enjoyed fucking as much as we do, the more so if being filmed (exhibitionism fetish)I wish that Lucie her sister would know that Michael Neilan cares as much as all her family about the tragedy of dear darling Andrea XXXXXXX From Michael